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PLATO is a contemporary art gallery founded by Elena Platonova with the goal of cultivating intercultural dialogue. It mainly focuses on the work of artists with diverse cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds, who maintain continuity with the traditions of art history while creating new ones. PLATO particularly welcomes the mixed types, the misfits, multihyphenates, immigrants, hybrids and those who can see the world through the eyes of the other.

Elena Platonova has lived in the US, Europe and Eurasia. She worked as a director for Almine Rech, the Hole, and Sundaram Tagore galleries, among others, collaborating with leading names in contemporary art from across the globe. She has written about and appraised art and run a museums tour and collecting advisory. At PLATO, she leverages her diverse set of skills and command of six languages to promote art attesting to both multiplicity and universality of human experience. 

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